[MV] LED Blackout Lights?

Jay Keine (k9baylee@hotmail.com)
Wed, 27 Oct 1999 17:55:05 PDT

Hi All,

While checking out the blackout lights on the deuce (M35A2)a while ago, I
noticed one of the front BO marker lights looked yellow when it was on.
Thinking the bulb was going bad, I pulled it apart the other day to replace
it and found not a bulb, but a circuit board full of yelllow LEDs, that is,
light emitting diodes. The board with LEDs sits upright in front of the
lens, and a small adapter plugs into the bulb socket. Pretty cool. Of course
only one side had this setup, and naturally I want one for the other side.
So....Where do I get one? How common are these in MVs? (no one seems to know
what the heck I'm talking about when I ask if they have any) Who might have
put these in, some motors guy that thought it was a neat idea or was it part
of some "program?"

Also, looking for NOS steering wheel for same vehicle.(In USA)

And, where's the "best" place to get rear canvas (NOS?) at a decent price?
Looking for original regular type, not expensive repro or arctic type.

Thanks guys (and gals,)

Jay Keine

'71 M35A2
'65 M105A2

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