[MV] MVPA telephone correspondence from Lee Holland

JOHN SEIDTS (john@astory.com)
Thu, 28 Oct 1999 01:31:40 -0400

I just finished a phone conversation with Lee Holland, the MVPA President.
He was concerned about the whole site link elimination thing, and called me
to inquire about what had happened.

We spoke for about an hour and a half, on numerous topics, including
www.astory.com being removed from links, the rumbling of members on this
list, national political action on the part of the MVPA, Jim Gilmore, and
the future of the MVPA. This is the first time I have been in contact with
Lee. I told him I'd email the list about our conversation, and he seemed to
assent, so here is a paraphrase of what we both said.

First, the removal of www.astory.com from the links page was an arbitrary
decision on the part of one individual who took offense to the comments I
made. Lee stated he had looked at the site, and would be adding it back to
the links when he had a chance, since he is between webmasters right now. I
told him that since the further explanation of this removal had been made,
that for me it was a non-issue, and no hard feelings were present on my

Second, we spoke quite extensively about the rumblings on the list. Lee
said that he made it a priority to speak with the Chapter Presidents at
least once a year, to ask them what could be better done to serve the needs
of the membership. I criticized him for this practice, saying that it was
more important for him to seek the members, and listen to their issues. I
offered that the "rumblings" on this list were indicators that the members
felt they were not heard. He seemed responsive to this point. I think he
plans to be more proactive in this vein in the future. He understandably
has many responsibilities in his real job, so I would say to the members on
the list that if you have issues, you need to speak to him. He is very
clear on this point- he wants you to talk to him if you are a member. And I
feel he is completely sincere on this point.

Third, the MVPA is actively engaged in efforts with the BATF and State
Department to deal with the Form 6 issue, and importations in general. Lee
described several meetings with those organizations, and guess who else was
present? Experimental Aircraft Association, Confederate Air Force, and
private aviation foundations. So at least the MVPA has gotten to the right
places. I commented that a monthly report in Supply Line, or Army Motors,
in a forum similar to the Neal Knox report in Shotgun News, to keep members
informed about issues, and committees composed of local and national chapter
officers and members would be effective in keeping issues of importance to
members current and visible. As for members, it is up to you to demand this
if you think it is important.

Fourth, Jim Gilmore's situation is a much more complex one. Lee declined to
give specific reasons for the nomination board's failure to recommend Jim
for appointment (?) to the Board. Lee did say that he did order this
nomination board to establish objective criteria for nominating candidates.
I said to him that the seeming veil of secrecy over this process has caused
some objection on the part of some individuals, members and non members. I
offered that perhaps a publication of the objective criteria, and a more
open process would be in the better interests of the group. He said that
perhaps a bylaw change was needed. It is difficult for me to comment
further on this, as I am not familiar with the bylaws of the organization.
My further comment on this is again, if you are a member, you must call to
account the President, the nomination board members, and the board members
if you have any questions about the proper application of bylaws in this

Fifth, the future of the MVPA. We have talked about the future of our hobby
here on the list often. It is obvious that if you own a military vehicle,
you are a target of potential misunderstanding. Well, if you are an MVPA
member (which I will soon be), you need to again call your organization to
account to assist you in being an owner, in any way you feel is necessary.
I enjoyed speaking with Lee, and he welcomes any body with opinions about
how to best go about promoting this hobby to contact him. I believe he is

Lastly, thanks for the support here on the list regarding all the issues.


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