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Date: Sat Apr 08 2000 - 15:50:50 PDT

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>--- Brian Leffler wrote:
> > Can anyone please tell me the difference in the bows that support the
> rear canvas in M135/M211's and M35 2 1/2 ton cargo trucks? I do know
> that certain ones had different height settings for regular or tall canvas.

    I'll try........

        Two position cargo bows were a feature on Canadian M-135 trucks.
The cover and end curtains were different than the ones used by the US. I
have never seen (yet) a US truck with the two position bows/cover.

> Are the bows for all three trucks the same but have actually 3 height
> settings or are there completely different bows for each truck?

     OK, let me see if I can clarify what uses what in the US M-series 6x6
cargo trucks. Digging through my ORD-9's and then using SB 38-101 we come
up with:
    (first let's make sure we all are using the same names for the parts
because the manuals use many different names for the same parts. The cargo
bow assembly consists of three major parts; the 2 vertical wood/metal
"legs", the 2 metal "corners", and the horizontal curved wooden "bow".)

     All the fixed sides cargo trucks use the same corner NSN #
2540-351-0145. This can also be used on the drop side beds although the
correct corners have a "hook" to hold the bows together when stowed.

      The M-135 originally used;
     Bow # 7372780 (also fits M-34, CCKW/DUKW) , leg # 7372784 (wood),
cover # 7411556

      The M-211 originally used
     Bow # 7370394 , leg # 7372781 (wood), cover # 8328220

NOTE Both legs were superceded by metal leg # 737-0415 after M-211 SN #
8404. This metal leg has a "bulge" that allows it to go into the side
stake and stop at the proper height. It was used on both the M-211 and the
M-135. (Also can be used on the CCKW/DUKW, M-715 and others)

     Now lets see what currently will fit what............

NSN # 2540-00-741-1556 fits the M-135 and the M-34
NSN # 2540-00-741-6338 fits : M-35/A1/A2/A2C, M-926/924/927A2
NSN # 2540-00-522-9060 fits the M-36

NSN # 2510-00-737-2781 fits: M-211, M-35/A1/A2/A2C, 800series 5 ton, M-34,
M-54, M-925 series,
NSN # 2510-00-521-6183 fits the M-47, M-59 dumps
NSN # 2510-00-505-6731 fits the M-54/M-800series 5 ton, M-125 10 ton

NSN # 2540-00-293-4730 fits: M-211, M215, M-35 series, M-36, M-813 series
5 ton, M-55/54 series, M-928 series
NSN # 2510-00-737-2781 fits the M-35-A2C
NSN # 2410-00505-6733 fits 800 series 5 ton

(this list is not all inclusive.....just what I had time to look up)

> > After the answer to all this boils out, I need to find a set that will
> fit an M135 and support the tall canvas. Can someone please point me in
> the right direction?

      There is some confusion here. There are different widths of the
G-749/742 cargo covers and not the height. The M-211 cover is wider, not
taller, than the M-135 cover. If you put the M-211 (or M-35 series) covers
on a M-135 or M-34 bed it will hang lower due to the bed being narrower
than the (now) standard M-35 one. Vise versa a M-135 cover will appear to
be "short" when used on the wider M-211/35 bed.
   Remember, the cover has to be tall enough for troops to sit on the fold
down seats (part of the side racks) and have enough height to clear their
helmets when they are sitting down. If the M-135 cover was lower it would
prevent them from sitting up. Also, if you make taller "legs" for the bows
to use the wider cover, the end curtains may not be long enough. Also, the
standard bed width end curtains will be too wide for the M-135 bed.

     I would suggest you contact a canvas shop in your area and have them
reduce the width of the cover to the proper specs. and use the standard "legs".

BTW......I just happen to have some M-135 "bows" for sale ( they also fit
the CCKW/DUKW) and will have them with me at Aberdeen.

   Note also...... There are longer and shorter covers for the short,
regular, and XL wheel base trucks but the difference between these is in
the length and not the width.

Hope this answers some of the questions.

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