bridge truck

From: Everette (
Date: Thu Jul 18 2002 - 14:45:48 PDT

I have a M139 bridge truck (if I make any mistakes about this D Doyle will
correct for he is very familiar with truck.
Mine has 602 Continental Gas engine - 5 speed transmission, 1400X10 tires on
all 10 wheels. low and high range.

Truck is some over 31 feet long 116 inches tall, 115 inches wide - widest
part is bed - all steel and flat floor with side rails about 4 feet tall
made from steel uprights with channel steel side rails. Has several cable
tie downs mounted on bed, roller on back of bed for ease of unloading bridge

I talked with man who drove my truck when they were sent to Bermuda - said
they needed clearing for motor pool and took trucks backed into trees
uprooted them and pushed out of the way. He said this maneuvers bent the
roller on back of mine (about 8" in dia. and reaches across back.) is the
reason it will not roll. He further said mine was on deck of barge coming
back and was subjected to salt spray is reason it had new cab when I got it.

This truck has plenty of power - drives most excellent - power steering and
big tires give very good ride.

I have driven lots of trucks both military and civilian and other than new
over the road truck tractor this is best driving and riding truck I have

Kind of slow but no one dares to try to run over you.

Thanks for opportunity to brag.

By the way bought mine from DRMO Ft Campbell, Ky. Had been in engineer
company in Tiptonville Tn.


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