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Date: Sat Feb 01 2003 - 17:11:36 PST

Do you have a thing for Martians?

J Travis wrote:

> All the more reason to push on with getting the space plane platform
> up and running. But watch; they'll probably take the money and try to
> convert the Enterprise into a functional shuttle (the Enterprise,
> you'll recall, was the first shuttle built. It had no engines, and
> was used as a full-size glider to prove the reentry theory. It
> currently sits in the museum in Huntsville, AL). But I guess Chris is
> right about it being a moot point now, anyway- at least for the now 14
> astronauts lost in this program. But I still say its time to move on
> towards the future. IF we can afford to give $40 billion in aide to
> Africa to people who would gladly kill every American they could get
> their hands on (remember Somalia?), why can't we put the money needed
> into revitalizing the space program, both by NASA and by private
> industry, and getting nearer to Mars?

Bruce Kalin

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