Siphon vs HVLP painting

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Date: Sat Feb 01 2003 - 22:59:38 PST

It might be possible to convert the gun some of us use to remote pot.

I have an ancient Model 19 Binks (I got it used in 1965) that could be
converted to be used with remote pot by changing the two pieces at front of
gun ( or maybe just one of them) - sorry I am not smart enough to know what
they are called - and it has been 35 years since I last changed it- one is
the tip you have to take off every time you use gun and clean it so the air
passages will not clog and the other is piece you uncover when you take that

  There is no longer a kit to repair this gun so I will have to get a new
gun when this one fails.

All you had to do was change air tip and take cup off and hook up two lines,
one to air supply and other to remote pot. I got a 5 gallon pot with it and
the fellow had a 30 gallon pot he used some. I gave pot away when I quit
painting anything larger than an automobile.

Took lots of thinner to clean up - we would use gasoline for initial clean
up and then clean it out with thinner.

As I recall the paint hose was rather expensive.

After reading the posts I wish I had kept the stuff to convert it, would be
nice inside cab; as it works in any position using pot.


As the old cowboys say - Mind where you step......

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the cheap HVLP guns are not truly low pressure, but are simply pressure
pot guns that will work on lower pressures.

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