Re: [MV] M35A2 primary filter conversion

From: jonathon (
Date: Sat Feb 01 2003 - 16:50:50 PST

>How many have switched their primary filter cannister
>over to the NAPA 4309 base which uses spin-on filters?

I switched but I used a Donaldson base and filter.

>Several people advised me to go this route.

Given the problem of finding the original element at any place other than a
mil supplier, I would recomend it also.

>Can someone let me know how you did it...where you put
>it...and maybe send me a few pictures of the installation.
>The in & out routing for the fuel is opposite of the
>original filter, so another bracket has to be made, etc.

The other issue for me was that the the original filter was right under the
alternator, a very stupid place to put it. Very little adjustment room on
the alternator before it hits the filter bracket. I made a new bracket
however one might be able to reuse the old one. I mounted it back about 6 to
9 inches (forgot of hand). I was able to bend and flare the existing tube
from the tank to get to the input. I replaced the entire tube from the
output to the pump following the same basic path. I also thru away all
those damn compression fittings and went with flare fittings and added a
piece of new rubber hose the last foot or so going to the pump just like it
had but with new fittings that don't leak.

I could take some pics if you want but it's no big deal really.

>Just didn't want to re-invent the wheel!

Speaking of reinventing the wheel. I made up a receiver hitch that required
no modifications to the truck. Several people were interested but I did not
have any pics till now. Now I have pics but FTP does not work so I can't up
load them to my web space. I could email some out individually if interested.



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