Re: [MV] M35A2 primary filter conversion

From: R. A. Moir aka RAM (
Date: Sun Feb 02 2003 - 14:50:43 PST

Holy moly... Since 1964 when I got my first M35 Series Vehicle..I have
changed filters with ease.... If your Alternator hits the filter brkt... the
belts have stretched beyond acceptable use... change em... Secondly... you
can get any number of primary filters for $5 or less at your friendly auto
parts store ...I don't understand how folks make such a big deal out of
things...Most of the trucks I get now from the Govt have about a pint of
water, or ice in the primary and look as if they have never been
changed...The first purpose of the filter is to get the water out... and for
that reason the can is big... water to the bottom....The filter just keeps
the big particles of rust and paint out from the tank and the Jerry Cans
used in the field. The other two filters on the engine are the important
ones and you better change em like your underwear...D on't make computer
science out of the 1949 technology.... Sorta like Kerry with the "my water
manifold is leaking antifreeze"....ya tighten it up a little more with the
engine warm to compress the old hard gaskets and in most cases...viola.. the
leak goes away.....These trucks will outlast most of us even with crummy
maintenance.... Dr. Deuce's deuces are a fine example... they will be around
for hundreds of years with routine simple maintenance and a minimum of
current upgrades.. My stuff starts and runs here in Vermont even after 30
below cold soaks with...oh no.... commercial filters......and home heating
fuel... off road only.... :) RAM
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> >How many have switched their primary filter cannister
> >over to the NAPA 4309 base which uses spin-on filters?
> I switched but I used a Donaldson base and filter.
> >Several people advised me to go this route.
> Given the problem of finding the original element at any place other than
> mil supplier, I would recomend it also.
> >Can someone let me know how you did it...where you put
> >it...and maybe send me a few pictures of the installation.
> >
> >The in & out routing for the fuel is opposite of the
> >original filter, so another bracket has to be made, etc.
> The other issue for me was that the the original filter was right under
> alternator, a very stupid place to put it. Very little adjustment room on
> the alternator before it hits the filter bracket. I made a new bracket
> however one might be able to reuse the old one. I mounted it back about 6
> 9 inches (forgot of hand). I was able to bend and flare the existing tube
> from the tank to get to the input. I replaced the entire tube from the
> output to the pump following the same basic path. I also thru away all
> those damn compression fittings and went with flare fittings and added a
> piece of new rubber hose the last foot or so going to the pump just like
> had but with new fittings that don't leak.
> I could take some pics if you want but it's no big deal really.
> >Just didn't want to re-invent the wheel!
> Speaking of reinventing the wheel. I made up a receiver hitch that
> no modifications to the truck. Several people were interested but I did
> have any pics till now. Now I have pics but FTP does not work so I can't
> load them to my web space. I could email some out individually if
> later,
> je
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