M35A2C w/w Data Plate Needed

From: Paintball Plus (pball@csionline.net)
Date: Mon Feb 03 2003 - 19:12:14 PST

Hi guys,
Anyone by some miracle know where I can get a correct data plate for my
truck? Since I added the winch I cannot find the correct plate. I've
been to MV Dataplates, but they don't have what I need and can't make a
custom plate for me. If anyone knows someone who has one, can make one,
or knows who can make one, please let me know.

Bruce Kalin

USMC MTA MVPA North Jersey MTA South Jersey MVPA

USMC M35A2C W/W M2 50 cal, TVS-2 Night Vision Scope M16 x 2 RT-246, PRC-77, VIC/1 Deep Water Fording Kit

M105A2 w/ rust :-)

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