Radios in our MV's is it leagal

From: Dave Ball (
Date: Tue Feb 04 2003 - 00:02:04 PST

I was wondering after seeing the post about licensing needed for operation
of some of the military radio equipment.
I see a lot of radios in the Mil Vehicles (100's of Jeeps) and I plan on
putting a BC-659 in my 1943 Dodge Weapons Carrier is there an FCC rule that
says I can not do this legally or is it just illegal to transmit on them?
Can you make a dummy mike just for authenticity and still receive I mean if
someone out there is transmitting of course much like a scanner?
Also I seem to remember a no code License for a certain band what band is it
and is it any use to us MV collectors and does it cover any of the old
military radio bands.
I am talking about 55 year old equipment not the new sincgars stuff I see
people using in the Humvee's and CUCV's which I would imagine would be a
sensitive area due to these radios still being state of art and encrypted
and in use by our troops at present.


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