Re: [MV] Radios in our MV's is it leagal

From: JJ&A (
Date: Tue Feb 04 2003 - 00:02:10 PST

    You can put whatever you want into the vehicle, in terms of radios. You can
receive anything you want, except cell phone band (an antiquated rule, now.
Noboby runs analog phones that scanners can receive). You can't legally
transmit, except in ham bands, and only then, if you have a license. The no-code
license you mention was called the Technician License. It may go by another
name, now. With that license, you can transmit from 50-54 MHz. Typical
green-radio frequency at meets that hams use is 51.0 MHz. The Korean and later
tactical radios usually cover 30-80 MHz and work fine at 51.0. Can't encrypt
anything on ham radio. Jim

Dave Ball wrote:

> I was wondering after seeing the post about licensing needed for operation
> of some of the military radio equipment.
> I see a lot of radios in the Mil Vehicles (100's of Jeeps) and I plan on
> putting a BC-659 in my 1943 Dodge Weapons Carrier is there an FCC rule that
> says I can not do this legally or is it just illegal to transmit on them?
> Can you make a dummy mike just for authenticity and still receive I mean if
> someone out there is transmitting of course much like a scanner?
> Also I seem to remember a no code License for a certain band what band is it
> and is it any use to us MV collectors and does it cover any of the old
> military radio bands.
> I am talking about 55 year old equipment not the new sincgars stuff I see
> people using in the Humvee's and CUCV's which I would imagine would be a
> sensitive area due to these radios still being state of art and encrypted
> and in use by our troops at present.
> Dave
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