Re: [MV] Columbia. Yes, negligence!.

From: Ryan Gill (
Date: Tue Feb 04 2003 - 06:47:44 PST

At 2:32 AM -0600 2/4/03, Timothy Smith wrote:
>I brought this topic up. In my original posting, I stated the purpose for
>proposing EVA or ROV equipment as standard equipment for a shuttle was to
>make a visual examination of the shuttle if only to determine whether the
>craft remained (for lack of a better word) airworthy. I deliberately left
>out the repair option because I am aware that the technical nature of the
>shuttle doesn't lend itself to "roadside" repairs.
>If I were a crew member on the shuttle under the same circumstances, I'd
>sure as hell want to have a look and furthermore I wouldn't trust some
>slide-rule commando to assure me, from afar, that all was well. (I'd make a
>lousy astronaut, no doubt.)

The thing is, that those pilots and mission specialists also pull
double duty down dirtside as those slide rule commandos along with
the engineers that never leave the ground. I think the trust level
between those on the ground and those up in the hot seat is a bit
higher than you expect.

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