Re: [MV] Siphon vs HVLP painting

From: archie (
Date: Tue Feb 04 2003 - 13:06:47 PST

         I could not find this book when the thread started however, I have
ran across it (looking for something else) It is a real nice (helpful)
book " The Do-IT- Yourself Guide To Custom Painting By Tom
Brownell copywright 2000 ISBN 1884089-49-6 I paid 19.95 for the book. I
hope this helps

At 03:07 PM 2/3/03 -0500, you wrote:
>Thanks for the feedback, Archie. If you run into any other info, let me
>know, and I will do the same.
>At 09:32 AM 1/31/03 -0800, you wrote:
>> I have been doing research as well and what i understand is the
>> SATA NR95 Gravity feed Gun Running at about 50 psi. The Manufactures
>> recommend a lower pressure but It likes about 50 psi. all of your other
>> equipment stays the same. I also have a friend that swears by a Turbine
>> unit from TIP tools, but he also puts on primer with a siphon feed gun
>> so go figure. I have a Devilbiss JGA siphon feed gun with a normal and
>> a 2 quart pressure cup and needles and aircaps for the 2 cups (they are
>> different) I have just enough experience at this to be dangerous. The
>> next project I will be spraying Dupont Croma one Single stage enamel. I
>> hope It turns out well... Everyone I know that paints for a living uses
>> a $400 conversion spray gun Binks or sharpe.. so i guess my answer is
>> all over the board. I have about 400 in my spray guns and about another
>> 150 in filters and regulators. I am using the normal filter regulator
>> and a LE Man secondary filter I put in line when I am spraying it is a 2
>> stage unit.
>>Gotta run
>>Happy Hunting
>>archie =) =) =)
>>At 08:50 AM 1/31/03 -0500, you wrote:
>>>I have been using a good siphon paint sprayer (Binks) for several years
>>>now with pretty good results. Recently a friend told me that I would be
>>>much happier with an HVLP gun. According to him and what I have read,
>>>you use much less paint, there is less overspray, you can spray in tight
>>>areas (behind steering wheel) and it does better in confined areas. (
>>>BTW , I spray red oxide and epoxy primers, and primarily Gillespie
>>>enamel using a 7.5 HP commercial compressor with lots of moisture filters)
>>>Questions: I can buy a good SATA HVLP gun on ebay typically for around
>>>$100 to $150. 1) Is there any other special equipment recommended or
>>>can I just use it on my existing set up like the siphon gun? 2) Any
>>>recommendations on HVLP guns by brand or model? 3) Those that have used
>>>both - is it worth the switch?
>>>Any other thoughts or recommendations? Thanks!
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