Where to get Mule manuals?

From: Glen Closson (glen@closson.com)
Date: Tue Feb 04 2003 - 19:49:14 PST

Fellow MV people:
I need some Mule manuals so that I can put my Mule back together in time for
Big Bear.

I currently have:
TM 9-2320-213-34P Truck, Platform Utility, 1/2 ton 4x4 (which is apparently
for the M274 and A1)
TM 9-2320-246-10 Operator's manual for the Truck, Platform Utility: 1/2
ton, 4x4 M274A2-A5
TM 9-2320-246-20 Organizational Maintenance manual for the Truck, Platform
Utility: M274A2-A5
TM 5-2805-213-24P Technical Manual for the engine, gasoline, 14HP (Mil
standard A042)

I need the following manuals:

TM 5-2805-213-14-Repair, Manual for the AO42 two cylinder engine
TM 9-2320-246-20P
TM 9-2320-246-34
Plus the lube order

Anybody have any spare they would like to sell? Or can you recommend on
where to buy?

If you have some of the ones that I already have, I'd be interested in
those too as the manuals I have are kinda beat up.



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