Tire Deflator

From: Jim (gadget@easypath.com)
Date: Fri Dec 13 2002 - 21:44:56 PST

  Does anyone know of a tire gauge that allows deflation of your tire
instead of the usual pressurization? I have a Chinese imitation of the
milton pressure gauge and hose assy but it doesn't measure pressure
backwards. That is, wide open and without air pressure on the feed side.
Maybe the real Milton works?
  I wonder this from my last camping trip, where we had to deflate the 9x20
tires by hand down to ~15psi. When I say "by hand" I mean we were holding a
knife tip to the tire valve tips. The escaping air had a wind chill that I
don't care to think about again. On the plus side, the pressure drop made a
huge traction difference in the snow that was well over the axles. Well, at
least until we broke through the ice covering an underground stream and sunk
into red shale-clay mud. But...that's another story. See my winch pin
  Popping a hole in the side of a regular inflator would leak the air, but
I'd like a gauge to measure the current pressure too. Anything made like


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