Re: [MV] taking my ball and going home

From: Bjorn Brandstedt (
Date: Wed Feb 05 2003 - 09:47:40 PST

Don't quit for the wrong reasons!
Keep your sense of humor. You must have thought through the idea and found
it feasable. Let the silent majority decide, it will take a while, but if
your idea works it will be a success.
Good luck,

>From: Chuck <>
>To: <> (Military Vehicles Mailing List)
>Subject: [MV] taking my ball and going home
>Date: Wed, 05 Feb 2003 11:14:46 -0500
> I will apologize if I misunderstood your message. This
>was not the only message sent to me on the subject of posting domains
>I was thinking of using. Some were a lot more blatant in their
>wording. This was just the email I chose to responded to. If I
>offended anyone in any way I again apologize. I ask just for people to
>be careful with their wording and think before they type. I have
>decided to forego the whole endeavor.
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