Re: [MV] taking my ball and going home

From: mark baxter (
Date: Wed Feb 05 2003 - 08:52:16 PST

Do not give up this Idea of starting you own MV Web site because of a few
cry babies! IM sure that there are a lot more folks on this list that would
like to show off their iron on a web site and IM one of them!
 If a web site to show off our MVs is not MV related I do not know what is,
and you need a name for it. I would just pick one and run with it.
 As the guy on the corner selling Roses told me once, "DO NOT LET A FEW
Mark M-886
PS if anyone wants to flame me, step up to the plate and do it in front of
the list, folks! If you don't, I will put your response up in front of the
list with my response!
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> I will apologize if I misunderstood your message. This
> was not the only message sent to me on the subject of posting domains
> I was thinking of using. Some were a lot more blatant in their
> wording. This was just the email I chose to responded to. If I
> offended anyone in any way I again apologize. I ask just for people to
> be careful with their wording and think before they type. I have
> decided to forego the whole endeavor.
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