Re: taking my ball and going home

Date: Wed Feb 05 2003 - 11:08:08 PST

Chuck wrote:
> I will apologize if I misunderstood your message. This
> was not the only message sent to me on the subject of posting domains
> I was thinking of using. Some were a lot more blatant in their
> wording. This was just the email I chose to responded to. If I
> offended anyone in any way I again apologize. I ask just for people to
> be careful with their wording and think before they type. I have
> decided to forego the whole endeavor.

Oh no don't do that! Having gone back through all your messages I think
you have a good idea here.

Re my previous message where I mentioned the obscure military vehicles
that do not have a 'site' so as to speak. Why not convert your idea into
a site for them. I am sure there are plenty of owners out there that
would welcome any such idea. Set it with one of the PHP type forum
packages and, as you suggested, they could then upload stuff for display
and it could provide a point of contact for them.

If you need any help just drop us a line but don't give up!

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