Re: [MV] taking my ball and going home

From: Bruce Beattie (
Date: Wed Feb 05 2003 - 13:10:33 PST

Hi Chuck,
    Since I'm the guy who raised the red flag, I'd like to clear the field.
The reason I sent that mail was because it appeared that you had not only
missunderstood Jim's intent to help, but had turned around and blasted him. I
see that in spite of all this he has ofered to help you anyway, so my
assumption here is that he accepts your appology and now we can all move

    I think your ideas are great, and I would hate for you to give them up
based on something I said. I'll be the first to acknowledge that there has
been many a time that I've screwed up, but the wonderfull thing about this
list is that everyone has done just that and is willing to forgive and

    So let me know when I can start posting pictures of my M390C with a Radio
TTY shelter sitting on top.

Bruce MVPA 23824

Chuck wrote:

> I will apologize if I misunderstood your message. This
> was not the only message sent to me on the subject of posting domains
> I was thinking of using. Some were a lot more blatant in their
> wording. This was just the email I chose to responded to. If I
> offended anyone in any way I again apologize. I ask just for people to
> be careful with their wording and think before they type. I have
> decided to forego the whole endeavor.
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