Re: [MV] Tire Deflator

Date: Wed Feb 05 2003 - 13:52:25 PST

On the subject of tire deflators, consider this. A simple manifold or
series of tees put together with Screw on air lines that go to a simple ball
valve. The manifold should be tapped for however many lines you want plus a
port for deflation with the ball valve and pressure gauge. I have one with
six ports that allows me to inflate and deflate 4 tires together. The nice
thing is it balances the pressure exactly. I'm making up one for 8 tires to
balance the pressure in the back tires of the deuce. Works really great!
There is a company that makes this but I just cant recall the name.

Kenneth Engle
Loxahatchee, FL U.S.A.
AM General M-35A2 w/w
Fruehauf M105A1
MVPA #24371

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