Re: [MV] Question about Dropside beds

Date: Thu Feb 06 2003 - 17:07:53 PST

Dropside bows break down into three pieces: the two uprights w/bow corners
and the arched bow wood that runs between the bow corners. The corners are
fastened to the uprights w/ the traditional two screws and the center board
has a large headed pin in each end which is captured by a pivoting catch in
the bow. The uprights and bow assemblies are stowed, when not in use, in
pockets in the cargo bed headboard. The center boards are stowed under the
bed near the front perpendicular to the direction of travel. Each end of the
bows lay on the rods in question and the straps are used to secure the bows.
The only thing I've never figured out is exactly how the straps are to be
used. There is no clean or tidy way to wrap the straps around the bows and
cinch it down tightly. Any ideas?

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