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Date: Thu Feb 06 2003 - 21:02:36 PST

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why not find a corvair van or p/u with a rear engine?if you are making a
fake military vehicle,just put a high quality winch on the front in case
you need to get it unstuck.if you are making a prop type thing,appearance
is more important than the drive train.also.ask what use you will put it
to?my plans for a fake humvee do not require a four wheel
drive,however,there are slight mods to turn a 4wd p/u into a fake hummer
chassis.move the engine 10 inches to the rear,and change the drive shafts
to accomodate.this way the hood will fit over the engine.then fabricate
a wood and fiberglass body tub measured to fit thre truck frame.a
windshield is sinple to make out of angle and channel steel,and flat auto
glass cut and rtv'd into place.changing basic design of a truck may
dissapoint you when you have put all that work into the changes.however
,whatever you decide to do have fun doing it.mike

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