Re: [MV] Replica vehicles

From: GOTAM35 (
Date: Fri Feb 07 2003 - 04:16:15 PST

From: "tom-nooneofconsequence" <>

> i want to build something really weird and scary on a m-35 chassis.

Hey, that's a thought. I have several M-35 parts trucks. How would 2 front
axles for 4 wheel steering on a short wheel base look with nice rounded
corners from one of the old 1000 gallon water tanks in our junk pile and
maybe a turret with a nice sized gun in it. Project would be cheap, I
already have most of the material needed. It would even be street legal
here in SC if you get a title for a "home made" truck. Hard to believe that
part huh? For a real realistic look the engine would have to be moved to
the center or rear of the vehicle, but I am working on a conveyer this week
and am learning allot about hydraulic pumps and motors.

I guess I will be pulling a cab off one of the trucks soon so I can get a
getter look at the frame. Squirrel is running, wheel is turning, bulb is
glowing very faintly.

Joe "always time to tinker" Trapp

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