Replica Vehicles

From: Tim Scherrer (
Date: Fri Feb 07 2003 - 04:30:53 PST

Apparently Mike Scholer has made himself a good
business out of reproducing German WWII hardware, to
include Armored Cars, a Krupp Protze and according to
his webpage, is working on tanks.

There are several repro 222 armored cars built on a VW
bus chassis, as well as Kubel cars made by a company
in New Mexico. There are some Germans in Kansas who
have built a repro Stoer car as well.

My favorite repro armored vehicle was the cheapest.
Dave Fornell of Chicago blew up on his copy maching
pictures of a Mk II Panzer to life size, printed them
and pasted them on a board so you have a 2D panzer.

I contemplated getting one of these but in the end it
just seems like a bad investment over's only
value is in reenacting and very little in collecting
unless it is very well done.


Tim A. Scherrer
CO, 84th Infantry Division "Railsplitters," Reenacted
Columbia, MO

"You'll be fighting WWII for the rest of your life." Ron Scherrer, 1971

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