Re: [MV] M37 New Owner Questions

From: Dave Ball (
Date: Fri Feb 07 2003 - 20:54:21 PST

Unless some one has rebuilt the motor before you the chances are the motor
will have standard exhaust valves and seats. Most reliable machine shops can
find Stainless valves and flame harden the seats and install rotators for
you its standard stuff. You will want to rebuild the fuel pump if its got
the old style varnished canvas diaphragm it will leak and cause trouble with
symptoms like vapor lock make a good Diaphragm from neoprene it van be found
in sheets at OSH another trick is a 24 volt electric fuel pump...
By far of all the MV's you will ride in the Dodge M37 is the honey of all
this truck rides really nice it was called the Cadillac by many Soldiers.
The M37 uses a scissor drag link you could adapt a vibration damper to the
tie rod (use Heckathorns universal model) but there really is no need. If
there is a shimmy or roughness its simple to rebuild the entire front end it
can be done in a weekend if you have the parts on hand.
Vermont Commercial salvage is in Colchester VT ask for George he carries a
full line of parts for the M37.

Here is a short list of Napa numbers and stuff you will probably need at
some time...

oil filter Napa 1100
Points (contacts) Blue Streak AL-4556XP or Niehoff AL-5-93HV
Distributor cap Autolite Special 24 volt Water proof distributor part number
IAU 1055 contact Vermont commercial salvage for this item $$$
Condenser Blue Streak AL-111X Niehoff AL-31A
Rotor Blue Streak AL98 Niehoff AL-89
Spark plugs Special Water proof type Champion XMJ-14 Autolite old # AR5S
new # 2243
Fanbelt Napa 25-12080 gates green stripe 152 Goodyear 24T476
Water pump Napa 228-1514 CP514 TRW FP1180
Thermostat Napa #155 Stant S97H
Radiator Cap Napa Balkamp 4-3940 Stant TR101 preferred or R7 will work
Brakes Napa/United Master Cylinder # 544 same as Lockheed Wagner # 544 or
EIS # E544
Wheel cylinder front Napa Left side 9375 right 9376
Wheel cylinder Rear Napa Left side 9375 right 9376

Good luck with your truck


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> List:
> I am a new owner of an M37 and I have several questions (for now).
> Valves: Are the valves hardened so they can run unleaded gas? If not what
> be done to prevent them from burning out? If they burn out can hardened
> valves be found? If so Where?
> Electric's: Is there a way to tap 12v out for misc. 12v items?
> Front end: I had a 48 Jeep that had bad front end shimmy. I had to put a
> steering damper on it. Does the M37 have similar problems? If so what to
> Who sells a steering damper.?
> Any MV owners in Upstate NY or Northwest VT?
> All for now. Will have more questions later, I am sure.
> Any help appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Hal
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