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Date: Fri Feb 07 2003 - 23:43:24 PST


I have had no problems with erratic steering and such with my truck, 12 v
accessories can be tapped off one of the batteries. For a very good source
of M37 specific info, see (not that this list isn't great
for M37's), the forum there has quite a few very knowledgeable members.

Welcome to the Doge "m-thrax" recovery club!

1953 M37 WoW

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> List:
> I am a new owner of an M37 and I have several questions (for now).
> Valves: Are the valves hardened so they can run unleaded gas? If not what
> be done to prevent them from burning out? If they burn out can hardened
> valves be found? If so Where?
> Electric's: Is there a way to tap 12v out for misc. 12v items?
> Front end: I had a 48 Jeep that had bad front end shimmy. I had to put a
> steering damper on it. Does the M37 have similar problems? If so what to
> Who sells a steering damper.?
> Any MV owners in Upstate NY or Northwest VT?
> All for now. Will have more questions later, I am sure.
> Any help appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Hal
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