Russian T-72 / Highways

Date: Fri Feb 07 2003 - 21:40:09 PST

I'm not taking any sides here but I can say this. As of 4 months ago; Roads
and highways around Moscow were equivalent to most comparable roads I've
experienced around the U.S. And, way out in the middle of Siberia I
experienced excellent highways while travelling between a number of large and
small towns. I also experienced the "aggragate surface" which was smooth but
slightly more noisy than our roads. 60 Km limit is strictly enforced and I
didn't notice any wooden bridges (they may have been grade level and
therefore not noteworthy) but I'll say this, I noticed a lack of
"whooptedoos"[?] while entering and leaving said bridges as is so common in
the U.S. I paid attention to all of this because I was accutely aware of the
approaching FROZEN season. Also on the subject of wooden bridges, I noticed
that Russia is very proud of their masonry structures and cast and wrought
iron. Considering the size of Siberia, even though highways are sparce,
they're loooooong. And I wonder if their highways have ever actually been
  I love America but I have to put in a plug for the Russian people; they are
friendly and visiting there is actually a pleasure. If it didn't take so long
to get there I'd be planning the next trip!
  MV content; Military (WWII) memorials everywhere, sometimes in gigantic
scale (an plant in Novokuznetsk had a memorial including a vintage tank which
must have been 5 stories high and 80 yards long!) Also parks with wheels,
tracks, fixedwing, choppers, jets and rocket power, a nuke missle near the
Marriot in the Olympic area and current and surplussed military vehicles on
the roads everywhere. People have radio shelters in their yards. I didn't
think twice about Russian trucks before but now.... I'll put it this way,
aside from Normandy etc you'll never get me to visit the french when I could
go check out excellent Russian Women and GAZ, UAZ, ZILL KAMAZ and many more
types for a lot less money!
Wes Gladhart KD5PCP
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MRC-55, M-100 M-35
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'70 240Z, '48 case VAC
"80 J-10, '96 Z-71 etc

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