Re: [MV] M35A2 Hot water heater kit woes !

Date: Sat Feb 08 2003 - 10:25:59 PST

>I'm beginning to know what guys like Joe Young have been going thru !!
You can believe it, Mike, that's why I no longer offer the installation
Too time consuming and many, many extra steps when I do it alone.
Though I usually keep much of my knowledge to myself and my own
truck and accessory customers, I will offer you this:
1. Of course the heater is only 90% correct, it's designed for the gassers
with an inner fender.
2. Buy 5/8" heater hose, it's cheap.
3. DO NOT use the gas engine thermostat supplied.
4. You will need a 3/4"x1/2" bushing.
5. Install one petcock on the manifold, behind the thermostat housing.
You might have to drain some coolant and heat the area (don't go crazy)
around a plug in order to get the plug out.
6. Install other petcock in the 3/4" hole above alternator (on water pump
7. Locate the cable assembly under and to the left of the instrument panel
8. I usually mount the switch to the left of the steering column and mount the
circuit breaker behind the dash, just above it (tight fit)
9. Mount the deflector high enough above the trans tunnel so you don't have
to drill through several layers.
10. Place the heater mounting plates so the heater duct intake will sit about
         13" from the firewall.
11. Mount the heater as close (within 1/2") of the injector lines as you can.
This will help stop the side panel from bulging out when you close it.
12. Mount the resistor on the firewall, under the hood.
13. remove the glove box and instrument panel to access the defroster
duct connections.
14. There's one heater mounting leg I have to cut so that I can lower the
heater about 1/2" - 3/4", making room for softer curves of the h.w. hoses.
15. DO NOT just empty bags of nuts and bolts out of their bags. You will
find 1/4" nuts mixed in with 1/8" screws in the bags. Take out ONLY the
part number called for, leave the rest and the label in the bag.
16. Run the "hot" wire from the circuit breaker to the center post on the
17. When you screw the adapter to the heater, be careful, the screws
strip out the soft metal easily.
18. Even though the duct clamps are way too long for the duct from heater
to firewall, use them anyway. Cut them down after you are finishing up.
19. Wire tie the hoses to the engine's front lifting loop.
I think that you'll be able to hop the rest of the obstacles o.k.
Joe Young

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