Re: Russian Highways Corrections

Date: Sat Feb 08 2003 - 10:28:44 PST

I think I typed too fast! I was trying to convey how GOOD things are in spite
of what we're told here. Sure the Russian people have problems and they're
economy is trying to catch up but they have some advantages over the average
"Amerikanski." They are proud of what they have; A building may be in need of
naintenance on the outside but their apartments can be quite nice inside. In
general (in Siberia) they may not have extensive gardening (nature is
appreciated in it's natural state and being frozen solid 4 or more months
makes too much topiary difficult) but they will have beautiful gardening in
common areas and parks. There is NO LITTER! what else can I say about that?
Now to sharpen some of my points and answer your questions; I mispoke on
speed -I meant 100 Km (around 60mph?) and yes there are uniformed, courteous
highway patrol officers with radar in the obvious and unlikely places.
Whooptedoos meant dips at beginning and ends of bridges. Common around U.S.
(and yes Walter, especially in Louisana!) but rare in the areas I visited and
the reason I thought about it WAS the heavy truck traffic and freezing over.
I didn't mean to convey that I thought their construction was poor; I noticed
that large bridges were solid and ornate with excellent stone work and
wrought iron railings (sure there are "hammers and sycles" in some! (how do
you spell sycle anyway!!) And as for the lowest bidder, well historically I
don't think bidding was involved.... Modern construction is trimming down
to more western styles but they still use Lots of steel and very high quality
in items like windows and doors. They still build for the long run, not 10
years or until the next remodel. On the Liberal Press issue, I found that
opinions are right there on the front page these days. And after all of
their military history, and the losses to families, they memorialize theirs
just like us and they're proud of what their ancesters built and fought with.
 Point of all this is, now that the communists are just another party (hey
we've got ours too) the Russian people basically aren't different from us; I
found them easier going and a prouder people than the good old europeans.
 And hey Walter, I think I've been on at least one or two bad roads in FL!
...can't remember where though...
Wes G

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