Re: [MV] Nigerian Buying Scam

From: Steve Grammont (
Date: Sun Feb 09 2003 - 19:06:16 PST

This is about a 10 year old scam and it is very widely known about. They
even did a 60 Minutes piece on it about 8 years ago or so of someone that
actually bit on it. There are various different forms of it that float
around. Ignore it. I get about 5-10 of them a week :-)


>I am not sure if this is the board where I read about this in the recent
>past: someone from Nigeria offering to buy a vehicle from you, pay you
>more than your asking price, will pay shipping to Nigeria if you arrange,
>but payment will be made to you by an acquaintance in the U.S. that owes
>him money. A member of the board had been burned by this scam. If that
>person is a member of this board, please contact me direct. I will nail
>this one.
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