[MV] Replica vehicles- and the winner is...

From: GOTAM35 (gotam35@sc.rr.com)
Date: Mon Feb 10 2003 - 19:22:21 PST

Well all the talk about replicas has done me in. I have decided to make a
M8 Greyhound replica. I have a couple of trucks to chop up and a couple of
engines and lots of steel, tires, welding rods, hydraulic motors and
the list goes on.

So here's were you guys come in. Any body know of a greyhound near SC. I
think someone had one at Freedom fest this past year. Maybe last year.
Anyway I need some measurements and so forth. Any info would be
appreciated. It looks like this will be the easiest vehicle for me to make.
Lots of flat surfaces and a 37 mm gun. Anyway, unlike an APC or tank I can
this as a M35 and drive it to the grocery store.

If any one out there has one or knows of a museum with one in it, it could
be some thing in it for you (not a lot, I'm cheap).

Joe Trapp

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