Re: [MV] Anti-theft in MV

From: GOTAM35 (
Date: Mon Feb 10 2003 - 19:06:14 PST

I installed a keyed switch just to the right of the "on" "off" switch on my
dash panel of my M35. It cost me $20 at a car parts store and it only cuts
on or off. I broke the hot wire from the my stock switch that operates the
starter and instruments. I leave it in the vehicle switched on when I leave
it at the shop in case someone wants to move the truck and when I go to the
store or some place I turn it off and take the key with me. I mounted it
high on the panel so some one couldn't just pull the wires off and tie them
together. More than anything else I didn't want my nephew to hop in the
truck and crank it. At 5 years old he can't drive it well with the manual

Joe Trapp

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