Re: [MV] M728 question - mechanical (Flame)

From: Mike and Cheryl (
Date: Tue Feb 11 2003 - 21:36:27 PST

Depends where you got it from. In Iowa and I think the rest of the USA.
Vehicles came from 3 different government agencies to Fire Departments.

The best is Civil Defense. They folded in the 80"s? and gave out titles to
agencies so you have full ownership.

The SASP or Department of General Services or State Federal Surplus. Sells
vehicles at a low price to non profit organizations with stipulations. Most
items like vehicles must be owned for 5 years before you can sell.

DNR is basically the GSA they hold the title and vehicle cannot be sold.
When done
with vehicle must be returned to them.

There are similar ways to get vehicles for the Police also.

So What do you have. Most of the vehicles in Iowa have a CD, DNR sticker on
Do you have a title for the vehicle?

Mike in Iowa

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