'53 Dodge M37 For Sale

From: Chris Davis (cdavis@webworldinc.com)
Date: Wed Feb 12 2003 - 10:48:31 PST

Hi Everyone,

I'm selling this truck on eBay. Starting bid is $450. Here's the link:


And here's a site with more photos:


It looks to have spent its life in Southern California, so the body is
pretty straight and solid for a 50-year-old truck. It does have surface
rust here and there, and a couple more dedicated spots under the headlights
and in the lower front fender mount points (both common issues on these
trucks). Overall though, it’s in good shape, with running boards, toolbox
floor, bed, tailgate, bottom of doors, etc, free of real rust.

The glass is cracked in all the windows. The frames are in good shape, and
the side window winding mechanisms are there. The drivers side door latch
linkage is hanging loose inside the door, and will need to be
re-attached. The passenger door linkage works intermittently and will need
to be adjusted.

A roll bar has been added. It looks like it wouldn't be too difficult to
remove, but it is well built, and low enough for the soft or hard tops to
still fit. The tailgate and bed are in good shape. There are a couple
small cuts made in the bed… what for, I don't know. You can see them in
the photo of the bed at:


The electrical system has been converted from 24 to 12 volts. I was able
to hook a battery up in the under seat position and crank the engine, but
the wiring is old and cobbled together and while it would crank, it
wouldn't start.

I checked the coil, cleaned up the points/plugs and replaced cracked plug
wires with donors from the garage. I disconnect the alternator, and simply
ran jumpers from the starter to the coil. I gravity fed fuel to the carb
and found it starts and runs well, with good oil pressure. The carb needs
to be gone through (the float seems to stick) and it doesn't idle
well. The clutch needs adjustment. It doesn't want to release right away,
and is rather sudden in engagement when you let the pedal out.

I've run it around the yard, plus on and off the trailer to have it
weighed. Those aren't long runs but the cooling system doesn't appear to
leak. I was able to check high and low range and the PTO output to the
winch. The brakes aren't working (parking brake does work) so I didn't
take it out on the street but the engine sounds really good.

Wheels & Tires:
The tires aren't much good. The front two have decent tread, but the
sidewalls have some ugly cracks in them. Three of the four wheels are WWII
era Dodge combat rims. One is the standard M37 rim. I believe the WWII
rims are worth more than the standard M37 rims, so you shouldn't have any
trouble trading back. If you decide to keep the WWII rims, you've only got
to hunt up one more.

Not currently working. Unknown as to condition of the pads, but master
cylinder and brake cylinders are all there.

This is the stock Braden LU4-R winch. The manual lists it capacity at
7,500 lbs. The PTO is working, delivering power to the winch, but I can't
get the winch clutch handle (on the winch itself) into the “engage”
position. The cable is in good shape.

Vehicle is located in Southern California, Lake Elsinore specifically.
Buyer arranges and pays for transport. I have a trailer and would be
willing to deliver or meet half way (within a 3 to 400 mile radius) if
compensated for fuel and time. Probably cost less than a commercial
transport company would charge. Let me know your location and we can
explore that option if you wish

Thanks, and feel free to email me with any questions you have,

Chris Davis
Lake Elsinore, CA

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