Re: [MV] Video is Finished.

From: GOTAM35 (
Date: Thu Feb 13 2003 - 20:17:51 PST

Wow, am I jealous. I pulled a 20 ton grinder from a barge onto an island
two weeks ago with my deuce. Traction was not a problem, it probably had 2
or 3 tons or tongue weight. Sorry not video, but I did get a couple of
pictures for the web site one day. As for your inquiry Patrick,

From: "Patrick Jankowiak" <>

> What a great video!
> I noticed some things, so here's where I may get an education about
> takns and dueces..
> 0. That Stuart Tank's got to be very heavy, yet it seemed easy enough
> for the guys to unload it. How much does it weigh?

Check out this site. This dude has lots of stuff about WW2 vehicles
includeing weight.
I would love to have a M5 because it is so light and easy to haul. Not much
more than our JD track-hoe. Unless some one has one for around $100, I'm
out of luck.

> 1. When the deuce began to tow the tank off the flatbed, and got a load
> on it, I heard what I assume was the turbo.. Is that what a 'whistler'
> sounds like? (my turbo is almost inaudible -never heard a whistler
> before)

I think it is a whistler, but I'm no expert. My deuce is not a whistler,
but one of my "parts" trucks is and it sound like that.

Check out the link above and keep on dreaming. It's all I can do.
Joe Trapp

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