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Date: Thu Feb 13 2003 - 20:53:24 PST

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> Kevin Strain Here:
> I have been considering purchasing a 1300 series ex German Military
UNIMOG. What are the things to look out for?
> What are the weak points in the design and or maintance?
> Is the engine with the cab over, easy or difficult to work on? Just how
expencive are the parts? What is the relibility of the 1300 series ex
military trucks?
> Kevin Strain

As with any ex-mil vehicle, look at everything - but I'd look primarily at
the trans, axles and housings, brakes, and air system. Engines are the
common OM-352/OM-352A, so parts are easy to find, which doesn't mean
inexpensive though.

Overall, it's one of the easier designs to maintain. Weakpoints in the
design..hmmm. About the only thing I can think of is cost, since they meet
the design criteria admirably. Oh yeah, maintenance, due to its being a
large truck, can be a problem just due to the sheer size of things.
Especially if you haven't owned a large truck before, get ready to buy some
new tools.

The engine is pretty easy to work on, gets well exposed once you tilt the
cab (which isn't that easy to do, to begin with). Parts can be expensive,
everything from "wow, that's not so bad" to "Martha, call 911, 'cause I feel
the big one coming".

Reliability, with a truck that has been well maintained, is outstanding. The
engine is one of the most tried and true designs in existance, used all over
the world. The rest of the truck, if it hasn't been beaten, will perform
better, and last longer, than you think possible. The key to long life with
them is to use them within their design parameters. IE, no hot rodding, no
doing 75 on the freeway, no loading 10 tons and going for cross country
trips, etc, etc.

While we're on this topic, anyone have a need for a U-1300 BW bed? Has full
dropsides, and bows. No tarp though. Email if you're interested and I'll see
if the owner wants to sell.

Vista, CA

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