M1009 Fuel Problem?

From: Brian (polaris650_92@yahoo.com)
Date: Fri Feb 14 2003 - 03:52:58 PST

Hi All,
Recently, I have been noticing a lack in power in my
84' blazer along with engine "cut-outs," and I assumed
that I had boughten some bad fuel. I always go to
Irvings because that's where everyone tells me to go,
but I was in a hurry and stopped at Texaco and I
assumed that that was the source of the problem. I
added diesel treatment and topped off with "good"
fuel, and it seemed to run better for about one day.
Yesterday, I went out to start my truck and let it
warm up, (The high for the day in northern Maine was
-6 degrees, I had it plugged in), when I came out
after 25 minutes the truck had stalled out. I started
it up again and it ran like shit, it wouldn't idle
unless I kept on the gas so I just let it die. Now I
have two questions, first, I don't know how long it
sat stalled out, is there a possibility that the glow
plugs kicked it and maybe I fried a few? Also, does
anybody have any suggestions on helping remedy the
problem? Any help would be appreciated.


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