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From: John Souza (
Date: Sat Feb 15 2003 - 18:30:27 PST


Check into the exact usage of the "historical vehicle" or "antique"
plates for your state. In California, they are not intended as a work
around for the weight fees. They are limited use plates. For you to
travel to and from shows, meets, etc. You can not haul anything with a
vehicle that has historical plates. If you could, a lot of contractors
and such would be using the older vehicles and the "historical plates".
I have seen people put them on the older pickups and travel to and from
work daily. This is an abuse.

Also, you might check into the width restrictions. I think the M123 is
over width, at least in CA, with the outer duals and rear fenders in


>>> "Jason DeGroat" <> 02/15/03 11:10 AM >>>

I have just joined the list and am looking forward to talking with
everybody. I'm in PA and I have a question for anybody that may know
the state's licensing policies.

I am looking at purchasing an M123 10-Ton tractor that has been fitted
a dump body. I don't have any intentions for using this truck
Strictly for hobby / light work usage, but I want to be able to drive it
the road. I want to avoid the $400-500 yearly licensing fees and
fees associated with a truck this large. The truck is a '68
and qualifies for antique plates (min 25 years old). With this type of
plate you only pay a one-time fee ($75 I think) and you are exempt from
yearly vehicle safety inspection. I think that I could get one of these
plates to cover the licensing costs.

The problem is, a truck this large requires a CDL license (that I do not
have). Does anybody know if you need to possess a CDL if the truck will
be used for commercial use? I have heard that NY state allows
use of heavy trucks without requiring a CDL but I have not been able to
confirm this. I am also thinking that you might not need the CDL
the truck would be registered as a classic or antique vehicle. I have
looked at the state's DOT site, but so far have found nothing. Any


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