Re: [MV] M123A1C

From: Jason DeGroat (
Date: Sat Feb 15 2003 - 20:03:18 PST

Hi everybody,

     Thanks for the replies to my posting! I didn't realize that this group
was so active. Most of the other groups that I joined in the past would
only reply or post every few days or so. Thanks again.

     Of all the things mentioned, the one that I never considered was the
overwidth problem. It is true that the truck is over 9 feet wide. The
commercial dump body that was installed has custom welded flares on each
side to come out over the outer tires. I noticed this but never thought
anything about the width of the truck. This does make sense though because
there is a local fire company with a 10-ton tanker and they have swapped the
original tires (1400x24?) for a taller/wider set and have gone to a single
wheel on the back. Probably because it allows them to run the truck without
special permits.

     I like this truck, but if I can't drive it and enjoy it without putting
a lot of money and time into it it's probably not worth it. The sheer size
of this thing is what makes it so cool, but at the same time is it's biggest


PS: I live in Northeastern PA in the Scranton area.

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