Re: [MV] Respect for the boys

From: Steve & Jeanne Keith (
Date: Sun Feb 16 2003 - 14:15:50 PST

It always amazes me that in Korea (that was fought with WW2 ground
equipment) that they had such problems with the cold and starting the

For example, they had a kit for the CCKW with another 6v battery and heater
for same. The batteries were in parallel (still 6 volts). They still had
problems. Now had they put the batteries in series for 12v... The trucks
probably would have started all the time! That is why mine are all 12v!

Steve AKA Dr Deuce

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> As RAM said, Vermont's reminding its inhabitants of its latitude. Against
my preferences, I've spent the day with the toolbox under our truck outside
in -20F, I'm typing with my fists right now. The whole time I'm thinking
"How did the boys do it in Korea?" a couple minutes at a crack holding the
socket wrench is about all you can do. They must have been tough nuts.
> Kerry Bernstein
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