Re: [MV] Respect for the boys

From: Bruce Beattie (
Date: Sun Feb 16 2003 - 13:43:09 PST

Hi Kerry,
    Get an industrial heater blower combination in a cage. It kinda looks like a metal milk cratewith some big heating resistors and a centrifugal blower blowing on them. Had to do some work on a friends car in Connecticut about 20 years ago in the middle of a cold snap, and I can still remember what a godsend that heater was. The other thing to go along with that is
some of that heavy clear plastic sheating that is used in construction. Just jury rig some stuff aroud where you have to work. Throw this stuff over it, and set up the heater. This way you don't loose any light, as with a tent or tarp. Be sure to use a heavy gauge extension cord.
Bruce MVPA 23824 wrote:

> As RAM said, Vermont's reminding its inhabitants of its latitude. Against my preferences, I've spent the day with the toolbox under our truck outside in -20F, I'm typing with my fists right now. The whole time I'm thinking "How did the boys do it in Korea?" a couple minutes at a crack holding the socket wrench is about all you can do. They must have been tough nuts.
> Kerry Bernstein
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