Re: [MV] Rotella 15w-40 for a 6.2 Diesel

From: Julian Burke (
Date: Mon Feb 17 2003 - 08:30:15 PST

     15 40 Rotella is what you want. Don't understand why you would think
it isn't up to diesel grade and is a wrong answer. The truth is that for
your truck's entire life, it never saw any Rotella or any other more
expensive grade in the military system. If you go to your local mini-mart
and bought the cheapest oil they have, most likely would be better that what
your truck saw in its' service to the military. Know what? That cheap oil
will work just fine too. Oil that comes out of Pennsylvania tends to have
more parafin in it and over a long period of time will have a wax buildup in
the engine. Some oils have more additives than others and many studies
always have questionable attitudes about any of these. Many cheap oils come
from the same place as the more expensive ones! Cheap oils have the SAME
warranty liabilities as the higher priced brands and bear that on the

     After you engine has been run for 20 years without the more expensive
oils, there is no need to panic now and worry about the "diesel grade" of
which in reality there is no real such thing. Even today's lower priced
oils are far better that the higher grades of years ago. 20/20 ran a story
some years back of all this hype. They used NEW taxi's and never changed
the oil (only added as necessary) for 60,000 miles with different brands of
oils and tore down the engines only to find there was NO appreciable wear!
Rotella, Kendall and many others are ALL "diesel grade". There are many
people who use Quaker State and Pennzoil in their diesels (certainly not my
choice) and I never see them walking and they keep their trucks as long as I
do. Some people like red cars and some like blue but used car lots are full
of good running autos! As the old saying goes: "All cars run on used parts"
and the same would apply to oil as well.
Julian Burke

> Seems to be the favorite among the numerous responses I received. I
> checked the 15w-40 I was about to use based on everyone's feedback and
> decided it wasn't up to diesel grade. So my oil change remains halfway
> done till I can get down to the auto parts store to pick up the "right"
> oil. (fortunately there is another running vehicle on the premises)
> Thanks everyone. I'm continually impressed by the collective knowledge
> available on the list. I imagine doctors and scientists have similar
> virtual groups/forums that provide help with tougher questions... think
> the gains we are making...
> Chris Davis
> MVPA# 20000
> Lake Elsinore, CA
> '53 M37 (for sale)
> '43 GPW (took first run around the block Saturday)
> '43 WC56 (runs too, but a lot further to go than the GPW)
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