CUCV Electrical Problem

From: Joe Boone (
Date: Mon Feb 17 2003 - 10:17:59 PST

To the List:
I have the strangest electrical problem that just occurred with my 1984
M1008, which must be a short or bad switch of some sort.
With the engine running, when the master service light switch is turned
on and the headlight switch turned on, the turn signal indicators light
up - don't blink, just stay on, but turn signals still work. The fuel
guage needle and voltmeter drop to a zero reading. Windshield wiper
motor doesn't work (check the fuse - OK).
Turn ignition switch to the "off" position, but engine keeps running.
Push in the headlight switch and the engine shuts off.
Checked both batteries and alternators and charging is within specs in
the manual. Starter and glow plug relays are new. I replaced the glow
plug card with a manual push button (this was done long before this
problem appeared).
I'm stumped. There's nothing in the troubleshooting sections of either
the unit maintenance manual or the depot level manual which addresses
this problem. I'm thinkng either (1) bad headlight switch, (2) bad
ignition switch (on lower steering colum under dash), or (3) bad master
service light switch, (4) bad ignition key switch in steering column,
or (5) electrical short somewhere in the wiring. Finallly, the starter
solenoid "stutters" occasionaly, like it's not getting good voltage to
engage the flywheel, then it will start right up. Starter/solenoid were
recently rebuilt.
Any help from the electrical "gurus" on the list would be greatly
Thanks in advance.

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