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From: G.R. Baker (
Date: Mon Feb 17 2003 - 17:53:16 PST

The M114 was just part of the trade, it hasn't been started in about a year
and one of the starters is bad so it will take a little work to get it fired
up. It's rained ever since I got haven't had much time to do any work on it
except the day I got it. That's when I took the fake barrel off.

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So whats the deal George? Did you swap off the M114 in favor of the Stuart?
Is the Stuart running? Personally I've never been interested in the M5 but
am now. When I go to Ohio this year I'll be checking on one thats been
sitting behind a liquor establishment for the last decade or so. I'll be
following the Stuart saga just as I did the M114. Good luck and congrats!

Kenneth Engle
Loxahatchee, FL U.S.A.
AM General M-35A2 w/w
Fruehauf M105A1
MVPA #24371

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