M151-series mutts - body tubs, panels - NEW NEW NEW

From: Muttguru@aol.com
Date: Tue Feb 18 2003 - 03:07:44 PST

Dear listers.......

I have been contacted by a company that is considering the production of
body-tubs and replacement panels for mutts.

The plan is to make EXACT REPLICA body tubs and panels, not similar, but

I don't have any specific interest in the project apart from trying to get
some feedback for the company to see whether it would be worth their while to
start production.

So here is YOUR opportunity to let me know the following:-

1. Is there a demand for new body tubs?
2. For which model of Mutt?
3. Is there a demand for replacement body panels?
4. If so, which panels?
5. Which country are you located in? (these items could be made available

Please note...... any information is purely to get some idea of whether this
project is worthwhile or not... you aren't being asked to buy, or make any
sort of commitment, no salesman will call (:

If you can send any comments, views or potential drawbacks to me, I will keep
you all updated on what happens.

Thanks in advance

Kind regards......

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