MV Stuff...for sale (not SNOW)

From: R. A. Moir aka RAM (
Date: Tue Feb 18 2003 - 18:23:27 PST

I have M105 trailer Master Cyl Rebuild kits for $5 ea plus the $3.95 for the
postal service..
Also have new rear cab top bows with the straps for the M35 and M54 series
trucks...for $12 ea. will have at Lowell and Dover and maybe Jim Thorpe if I
get there ... until 15 are gone.. One new 5 ton Master Cylinder in the
Can for $100...made in USA original... And for all you folks with the
United Tugs with the Dodge production Carter Fuel Pumps in
Chrysler Boxes.. for only $35 each... End of Genuine MV Content... RAM

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