snow ice and MV's

From: Everette (
Date: Tue Feb 18 2003 - 23:21:17 PST

I have watched posts about snow with great interest, the most snow I ever
saw local was about 13 inches several years ago and at the time I had access
to 3 wheel self propelled fertilizer applicator. Tires about 4 feet wide and
5 feet tall . It did great in snow, but, just like the WW II tank I am sure
lots of us have seen the film clip of on ice, it was helpless.

Had great fun couple of times by turning truck hood into sled and pulling it
behind Jeep, with long rope, on an abandoned WW II air base parking ramp
that is close to mile long and several hundred feet wide.

I have great sympathy for you folks in the "great frozen north" -- couple
inches of snow here shuts everything down. School shuts down, supermarkets
sell out of bread and milk, ditches fill up with cars and trucks.

by the way here is "west Tennessee"

It is unreal to me that you could be in such deep snow that a 5 ton just
could not push its way through.



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