RE: [MV] NuclearAttack Medical Treatment

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Date: Wed Feb 19 2003 - 14:05:39 PST

besides terrorist usually use rent-a-cars

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Dave said:
 "if the Feds pick me up because I'm some suspect guy that drives a
military truck, has a shop, works odd hours, and talks to other guys
interested in Military equipment."

Dave, I agree with you 100%. I've had the NJ State Police stop in
and inspect my operation under the pretense of wanting a M-V.
BS, them buggers were fishing, wanted to verify what I'm doing.
I'm doing the same thing as you, having fun.

If I am a "terrorist," I sure wouldn't advertise it! I'd be out there
in the woods with "Mullie," doing my thing. :)

The backbone of America is obvious in all of the USA Listers. We are
a force, combined with hundreds of thousands of like minded people,
that will defend our country and our rights. I appreciate the support of
non-USA residents that support our views (you know who I mean).
Joe Young
Endowment Member NRA
MVPA #12311
Voting citizen of the Republik of *New Jer$ey (for what it's worth)
*New Jer$ey: State that knows no end to taxes, increases
unemployment, invites welfare recipients, has the most stringent
gun control laws (I can't own an auto BB gun) and drives our
businesses out of the state, to name a few problems.

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