Be kind to HMV'ers

From: Steve & Jeanne Keith (
Date: Wed Feb 19 2003 - 14:19:38 PST

Sorry to hear about youse people from the People's Republic of ** (and there
are many of dem)

Up here in Cow-Hampster, they are pretty nice to us HMV'ers.

Got the Antique Trailer law passed about 4 years ago. Registering an HMV
trailer costs $12 now vs $weight
Got the inspections every other year passed 2 years ago. No HMV inspections
this year YEA!!!!
Still working on being allowed to have 'parts vehicle(s)'.... This will be

Steve AKA Dr Deuce

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> Dave said:
> "if the Feds pick me up because I'm some suspect guy that drives a
> military truck, has a shop, works odd hours, and talks to other guys
> interested in Military equipment."
> Dave, I agree with you 100%. I've had the NJ State Police stop in
> and inspect my operation under the pretense of wanting a M-V.
> BS, them buggers were fishing, wanted to verify what I'm doing.
> I'm doing the same thing as you, having fun.
> If I am a "terrorist," I sure wouldn't advertise it! I'd be out there
> in the woods with "Mullie," doing my thing. :)
> The backbone of America is obvious in all of the USA Listers. We are
> a force, combined with hundreds of thousands of like minded people,
> that will defend our country and our rights. I appreciate the support of
> non-USA residents that support our views (you know who I mean).
> Joe Young
> Endowment Member NRA
> MVPA #12311
> Voting citizen of the Republik of *New Jer$ey (for what it's worth)
> *New Jer$ey: State that knows no end to taxes, increases
> unemployment, invites welfare recipients, has the most stringent
> gun control laws (I can't own an auto BB gun) and drives our
> businesses out of the state, to name a few problems.
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