Re: [MV] NuclearAttack Medical Treatment

From: Paul A. Thomas (
Date: Wed Feb 19 2003 - 21:14:38 PST

> saving the U.N

I have no real interest in saving the UN. It was a good idea 50 (?) years
I am just fed up with things THIS far right. Left is bad too. Supposedly
that's why we vote, to keep the factions balanced... to try to get what's
the best for all of us passed into law.
have you read what's in the upcoming Patriot Act part 2? I wouldn't trust
my mother with such powers. I surely will not trust my government with
them. The supreme court will likely strike them down one by one as the
great majority of them seem to fly in the face of the constitution and
amendments. Meanwhile, Joe Sherrif ( I like sheriff's, specially CoCo
County ones, so no need to flame me for dissing cops ) will be able to pull
me over because I have an old war vehicle. Take it and lock me up without
ANY of the rights we normally assume we will receive because this idiot
thinks I am a threat to the US by driving a 50 year old Deuce.

Will it happen? within a few years, if passed, certainly it will. In
multiple places around the country. Because there will be no rights. One
person can arbitrarily say ' Paul, you are a threat ' and act on that.

That's not the country I was born in.
This will all blow over, as other crisess's have in our past. I don't know
that I want a sitting president actually impeached ( tho I feel he and his
team have stomped the constitution into mud pies ), but this alleged
movement sends a message. US Citizens are not sheep. Politicians ( of both
sides ) can only go so far before being held accountable. Good lord: if
where Clinton stuck his body parts was serious enough to keep Congress and
the press involved for years and try to get him impeached, what this
administration has done to the ' rights ' we have spelled out in black and
white scream for attention.

I'm hoping to be able to collect old green things, including armor if I
find a lot of extra money in my pocket one day. I don't see it happening
if the far right ( this administration by definition: the Patriot Acts
prove that ) has its way.


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